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Everyone wishes they could master the art of Photoshop. After all, graphic design and photo editing tools have now become somewhat of a necessity for most people, especially those that are serious about social media management.

However, not only is software such as Photoshop not free, it is also quite complex – so unless you’re willing to take a crash course in photo editing and graphic design to understand the ins and outs of the program, it’s not really doing much for you.

This is where Fotojet.com comes in.

An online collage maker, Fotojet.com is a free photo editing tool with one of the simplest interfaces I’ve come across. Of the dozens of picture editors I’ve tried and worked with in the past, this online tool is by far the easiest to figure out and navigate.

The layout is pretty basic and straightforward completely negating the need for any sort of technical expertise. Honestly, I felt like the three features, made collage making, designing images and editing pictures a breeze.

The collage maker not only allows you to adjust your choice of images in a variety of templates, backgrounds, and layouts, it also enables you to directly add images to the template from your computer, photo gallery, or your social media profiles. You can add or remove various effects from the pictures. You can also easily adjust or change the ratio of the photos in a collage, customizing it any way you like. ¬¬

The photo editing feature offers a bundle of borders and special effects within the software to tweak an play around with your photos as much as you like.

Last but not the least, the design feature of Fotojet allows you to start off your design by giving you a pre-made platform to begin with, in the form of a wide variety of design templates. The design you like best, goes. You can make posters, create cover photos for your Facebook, make cards, or even image mementos. You can then proceed to customize the template by either editing the existing images, or replacing them with your own and adjusting them to fit directly within the frame of the template. There is also an option of choosing images from in-site collection of thousands of stock photos. The simple drag-and-drop feature makes this very easy. Replace, change or remove the text, adjust fonts, add various writing effects and further make the design your own.

If you’d rather let your creative side flourish, chose a blank template and make a completely new design on your own. When you’re done, save your masterpiece to your computer or share it directly with your friends on social media by connecting your Fotojet.com account with your Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter profiles.

To get started, all you need to do is register, for free, on Fotojet.com.

Overall, I’d say Fotojet.com is a rare find that is exceptionally helpful for everyone – from a teenaged school going child who frequently needs to work on school projects, or a seasoned content creator blogger that needs to customize their social media presence.

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