Getting Emotional In Your Sales Copy

You’ve seen it a million times. Ads aimed straight at your heartstrings, or designed to make you mad enough or fearful enough to act up on these products or services. It’s been going on since sales have been around, and these days it can be honed to a science.

While many shrug off the idea of using emotional triggers in sales copy, thinking it manipulative and at times trite, the truth is that it works very well, and doesn’t have to be so “in your face” that it offends us all.

Let’s look at some of the ways emotion works in copy.

What methods of employing emotion work?
There are several ways writers employ emotion in their copy to help get the click. This can be done through the use of some of our most basic human emotions. Here are some ways emotion can be very effective at getting to the heart of your readers.

Fear – “Don’t lose all your hard-earned money” messages have been around forever, and play to the specific part of our brains that house all our fears of being late, left out, under-appreciated or broke. None of us likes to be in these places, so messages designed to keep us out of harm’s way, whatever it is, often work very well.

Tribes – We all long to belong to a group of people they most identify with. Not many chose to truly go it alone. Realizing this we can all strive to “Be like Mike!”

Time – No one has any in today’s fast paced eternally-connected world so the promise of “saving you gobs of time” strike a chord within us alerting that this may be worth paying attention to. (When we can find the time, of course. That’s where scarcity comes onto play)

Incredible Value – We live in a deal-oriented, coupon-clipping world, and the prospect of saving money and still getting awesome value is where the consumer mindset is at the moment. Those who deliver great value at the best price win.

Where can you use this?
These emotional triggers to reach your audience where they live can be used in a variety of media. Remember the goal here is to get them to feel something, and then act on that feeling.

Some of the ways you can employ these emotional triggers are

Email marketing campaigns – Obviously you want to use emotional triggers to good effect here.

Social media – Use not only in posts, but on your Facebook pages and any content you post to sites like LinkedIn.

Paid ads – Essential here to get the clicks!

Site content and Landing pages – When you have a goal to drive opt-ins or sales, emotional triggers will help you get your audience to hit that button!

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