7 Content Promotion Tactics to Employ
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If you build it, they might not come. That’s the sad truth about creating stellar content that no one is aware of. It sits there in all its glory on your site, basking in anonymity waiting for a stray eyeball to focus on it.

Unfortunately, that seldom happens without some intention on the part of the content creator though. These days with so much competition in play there’s really no reason for anyone to show up unless they are lured there. This is why it’s so very important to promote every piece of new content we create in at least several ways each.

So how do we do that? Here are 7 ways to effectively get the word out about your latest content masterpieces!

7 Content Promotion Tactics to Employ!

Announce to your email list – If you are in possession of a decent-sized email subscriber list, take advantage of this audience that already knows you to send an email announcing your new content and asking them to not only come, but invite friends by sharing or forwarding the email. This is almost too easy, and results in immediate visitors.

Fire up your social media channels – Using social media to help extend your content’s reach is another must-do among content promotion tactics. As with your emails, you’re only giving them a taste and a link, and counting on the viral nature of social media to lend a hand here. The truth is you don’t know which of your followers has a large following of their own, resulting in a boatload of visitors to your new content.

Pay to get seen on large sites! – Heard about content amplification services? If you haven’t heard of them you’ve almost surely seen them in action. These are services that place a link to your content on sites that get tons of traffic, such as USA Today, ABC News, Fox News, ESPN, CNN and many others. You only pay a modest amount when your link is clicked upon, and far less than you would pay to get on those sites any other way. The two most prominent of these are Outbrain and Taboola.

Run paid ads on social media – These days ad costs are getting far more reasonable on Facebook and Twitter. You can literally run ads there for pennies, and if you know how to create a retargeting add, you can win big here.

Create a video – Even a simple video shot with your phone can get traction on YouTube and be seen by thousands. If you have a YouTube channel with a number of subscribers, it’s certainly worth a shot.

Use blog promo sites – Utilize blog promotion sites like BlogEngage, BizSugar, Scoop.it, Triberr and others to spread the word cheaply and effectively.

Create a Slidedeck – Creating a slidedeck to submit to Slideshare (and numerous other visual content sites is a great free way to get tons of visitors fast. Not only that, the links are good too!

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