7 Effective Ways to Use Video in Your Small Business

There’s little doubt that video marketing can and should play a huge part in your business, but very often the question comes up, “What should I make videos about?”

If you’re new to the visual medium, and perhaps a little camera-shy, it’s an understandable question.

Whatever the case, the power and reach of video cannot be understated these days. You will be missing out on a large segment of the possible audience for your products and services if you choose to ignore video altogether.

There are a number of creative uses for video, and we’re going to detail 7 of the most effective for you right here and now. These should be enough for you to get a good start in video marketing for your small business.

7 Effective Ways to use Video in your Small Business

1. Product Demos – Far and away one of the best uses for video is to showcase your wares, whether they are physical products, software or services. There’s no substitute for seeing your stuff in action, and your sales will reflect that. This also ensures a more robust launch for your products, if you employ video in the marketing.

2. Customer Testimonials – Likewise, social proof is an invaluable tool in the sales process. No one likes to be one of the first to try something, so video testimonials of your products or services can be the impetus to get a prospect off the fence. These can be full-blown or something as simple as a Vine video. This is a must!

3. Interview videos – If you have access to a thought leader in your industry, try and get them to sit down for a video interview. Your audience will eat this up, and you will benefit by having courted authority on your site

4. How-to videos – A bit different from a product demo, these tend to go a bit more and involve other aspects of the business. Perhaps they don’t even use any of your products, but show your audience how to perform a task specific to your business.

5. Event promotion – Videos promoting or inviting people to upcoming events, webinars, and conferences work very well in getting people to join you. Let them know the benefits they’ll receive by attending, and the access they’ll have to you and your people once there.

6. Pure Content videos – Sometimes it’s a great idea to deliver up some terrific teaching on video that your audience would find useful. Make this a value proposition, as to do otherwise would have a negative effect. And whatever you do, don’t try and sneak in a sales pitch at the end. Deliver pure value, for free. You’ll be glad you did.

7. Case Studies – One of the hottest trends in marketing these days is the use of comprehensive case studies. Doing this on video allows you a great deal of flexibility and utility. Be as transparent as you can, and show your mistakes as well as your successes. This goes a long way toward building trust.

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