Blogging: An Integral Part of Inbound Marketing
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The key to building a successful Inbound Marketing program for your business is based on establishing an ongoing blogging program. The more you blog the better Inbound Marketing will become. There is no limit to how much blogging you can do, just the limitation of the resources you need to maintain an ongoing blogging program that should never stop.

What Is A Blog?
A blog is a series of website pages that are frequently updated with new content about a specific topic closely related to your business. A blog is the fuel for your website, providing a continuous stream of fresh, up-to-date content and keywords that attracts visitors to your website.

Search Engines
Search engines such as Google, “read” blogs to learn what your website is all about, so they know whether they can return any of your website pages to their users who perform searches. In turn your potential customers read blogs to find helpful content, if a prospect has a question, or they need to find out more information, they tend to ask Google first, so they stumble upon useful and relevant blog posts when they are doing specific research online.

Blogging Helps To Grow Your Business
Blogging helps you to get found online, increase your website traffic and build trust that you are knowledgeable about your industry and business. Blogging creates an opportunity, like no other part of your website allows, because every blog post you publish is a brand new URL that can be ranked in search engines and discovered by people that do not know about your business yet. A blog gives you endless opportunities to get found online.

Blogging Helps You Establish Trust
People tend to buy from people they know and trust. By creating content that helps answer questions for your target audience, or the persona of your ideal customer, you’re establishing a trusting relationship that makes them more comfortable investing in you as a business partner or solution provider.

Lead Generation
Every person that lands on your website is an opportunity to become a new lead by putting a call-to-action on that blog post. That call-to-action is anything that asks the reader to exchange their contact information for something like a free ebook, a free checklist, a free consultation, etc.

Blogging Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving
Once you have posted a blog on the internet, search engines will continue to rank the content and the keywords, helping you to bring in new traffic and leads forever. Great blogs can literally help you generate leads for your business while you sleep. The work you put in today can generate results for years and years to come. Blogging is one of the cornerstones on Inbound Marketing and is an essential activity that should be your number one priority.

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