Can Your Buyers Be Your Market?
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If you’ve been promoting a company for any amount of time, you know it can be a difficult endeavor. In fact, many of us would simply like to hand the job off onto others, and in many cases, we do. As it turns out, though, it’s not always necessary to have marketing experts for every aspect of promoting your business. In fact, your customers can do much of it on their own.

Hold Social Media Contests

One quick way to have customers market for you is to offer a prize for doing so. Uploading a photo of a 50% discount coupon or specialty item, along with a status saying “Share and comment to enter,” will motivate your fans to share this status. In turn, others may then see the status and share it themselves. You only need one freebie to reach untold amounts of people.

Customer Referral Program

The New York Times states that 65% of all new business is driven by referrals. To put this another way: It’s simply insane to not offer incentives for customers bringing in new clients. Whether it’s “$25 for every 5 referrals” or “$10 off you and your referral’s bill,” you must have some customer referral program in place.

Incentivize Reviews

Another form of “quid pro quo” with your customers is soliciting reviews. Offer your clients a discount or other incentive just for going to a review site and leaving an honest testimonial. Remember that you can’t offer something in exchange for positive reviews, but most who take the incentive likely happy customers anyway.

Sell or Give Away Branded Merchandise

Handing out branded merchandise is one of the oldest methods of getting your customers to handle marketing for you. As it turns out, 42% of people who receive promotional products from a company develop a more favorable opinion of the company. Even better, 81% of people hang onto branded merchandise because they think it’s useful. Whether it’s shirts, hats, or plain old pens – preferably with a stylus attached – clients immediately become walking billboards.

Marketing is a tough job, but you don’t have to go at it alone. With just a few crafty marketing strategies, you’ll have your clients handling a portion of your marketing for you. For more information, contact Paul Conant anytime at 1-855-544-9666 or send an email at!

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