Creating Buyer Personas
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Marketing can be a hard line of work. Every business, no matter what it markets, is going to attract certain kinds of people. Some businesses simply view this as a fact, and others see it as an opportunity. A little investigation in order to determine the buyer persona of your business can drastically affect the success of your marketing strategies.

What Is A Buyer Persona?
A buyer persona is not a real person, but it is an example or representation of what a real buyer would look like for your service or product. The buyer personas you develop for your business can help you develop marketing strategies that will attract consumers with qualities and characteristics that match your buyer personas.

How Is A Buyer Persona Different From A Target Audience?
Many people get the concept of a buyer persona confused with that of a target audience. Developing your buyer persona can use elements of your target audience, but they are not the same. A target audience is group or type of person in the market that your business is trying to attract. A buyer persona is similar, but takes the concept of targeting certain consumers to a whole new level. A buyer persona is a detailed and refined example that is constructed using information about the real buyers that most commonly purchase your product.

How To Create Your Buyer Persona
The way to begin is to collect hard, accurate, and extensive data describing what kinds of clients have chosen and are choosing your product or service. Many efforts at formulating buyer personas fail to produce great results simply because businesses were not interested in putting in the effort to get the information they needed to develop a mature buyer persona.

Begin to gather information for your persona by interviewing or taking surveys from your previous clients. Surveys are a good way for larger companies to understand their target demographic, while smaller business might have margin to invite consumers to an interview to discuss their experience and ask more complex questions.

After you have conducted surveys and interviews, you can also view information from public record and from studies online to get a better idea of the kinds of people you are marketing to. The amount of information you need is somewhat subjective, but it should be extensive enough for you to be able to fully and thoroughly answer the following questions to create a truly helpful buyer persona.

Developing A Marketing Strategy
Once you have collected the information about your buyers and created a detailed figure of your buyer persona, take time to meet with your marketing team and reevaluate your marketing strategy in light of the information you have gathered. What parts of your services fail to meet the needs of your buyer persona? Which elements of your product turn your buyers off? What could your service do or provide to attract more people like your buyer persona?

Developing a buyer persona gives your marketing strategy more than just a direction. It gives it a focus. While the creation of a buyer persona can be a painstaking and time consuming effort, the return on investment is far beyond what could have been accomplished without it.

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