Creating Your Look – Logos and Much More
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Now it’s time for the fun stuff: creating a logo and finding other materials.

The purpose of your logo is basically to give your business a visual identity. If you choose your logo well, then it should be instantly identifiable and people should know to associate anything with that image on it with your brand and your business.

Once again, you also need to be a bit creative and somewhat pragmatic with your logo creation.

How to Create Your Logo

Consider the following criteria for your logo creation. Your logo should be…
– Recognisable
– Simple
– Versatile
– Iconic
– Relevant
– Original

So straight away you want to avoid anything that is going to be clichéd or derivative. Forget anything that includes a globe, a lightbulb or a tick – they’ve been done to death.

Simple is better because you need to come up with something that people can copy (remember what we said about kids drawing Nike ticks onto their homework diaries?). This also makes your logo more versatile which means that you’ll be able to use it in more places.

Think about it this way: your logo isn’t just going to be used on your website or on your own products. Sometimes, it’s going to need to be on a banner on someone else’s website. Sometimes it might be on packaging. In this case, it’s going to need to be a different size or it might even have to be black and white. You might need to use a ‘silhouette’ of your logo.

So ask yourself: does the logo look just as good when you use it as a silhouette? Much smaller? In black and white?

Finally, make sure that your logo expresses everything you want to say about your business. That means not only communicating the niche, the industry and the kinds of products and services you’ll be selling – but also the mission statement and the emotion. This is why you need to come up with your mission statement before your logo.

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