Generating Website Traffic that Converts into Leads
Inbound Marketing

We specialize in increasing your business’s bottom line by bringing you more traffic and converting that traffic into leads that you can take action on.

What Is Inbound Marketing?
Inbound marketing is marketing for today’s consumer. It is marketing that is where your best prospects are when they are looking for products, services, and answers: online. It is about attracting people to your website where you convert them into leads..

Inbound marketing is a method of driving traffic via various channels to your website and then converting that traffic into leads over time.

• Drive traffic – Using various methods of internet marketing, we work to drive cost effective traffic to your website

• Convert traffic to leads – We create and offer specialized content for various personas and intents which allows prospects to provide you with a bit of information in exchange for the information they receive

• Nurture leads – We create a specialized series of emails that is sent to prospects over time. This allows you to create a conversation with your prospects before they are ready to make a buying decision and helps you grow trust in your brand.

• Analyze results – We analyze the results of each campaign and capitalize on successful campaigns while culling “dead weight” campaigns that are not producing high quality leads.

• Repeat – Using ongoing knowledge obtained through analytic tools, we repeat steps 1-4 focusing mainly on successful campaigns.

What Makes Inbound Marketing The Most Cost Effective Method Of Marketing Today?
Inbound marketing operates in a manner that is not possible via traditional marketing. This is marketing that operates in real time and allows you to see your results, test, analyze and evolve, both quickly and efficiently to match your market’s needs.

You are able to build trust with your prospects while they are researching and enter into the conversion process once they are closer to making a purchasing decision. This means far less time wasted analyzing prospects and speaking to consumers that are not yet ready to buy.

Inbound marketing means prospects actually come to you, when they are ready to buy. You can stop wasting your marketing budget on cold calls, direct mail, feet on the street and print ads. Instead, you can focus on marketing that is trackable, measurable and completely accountable.

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