Guerrilla Marketing Tips Every Small Business Should Be Using
Guerilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing focuses on low-cost and unconventional techniques meant to gain maximum exposure. These low-cost methods are essential since it’s recommended that small businesses devote 7 to 8 percent of their revenue to advertising. By using the following guerrilla marketing tactics, business owners can ensure they’re getting the most bang for their buck.

Host a Class or Other Event
Getting people to come in and spend money can be difficult, but convincing them to show up for a class or special event is much easier. The event should usually focus on the company’s industry. A restaurant, for instance, could host a cooking class.

Make sure to aggressively promote the event. Fortunately, even community boards that do not usually allow business promotion will often be okay with a flyer going up about an upcoming event or class.

Create Spectacles at Events
Renting space at local events, such as festivals and concerts, is a great marketing idea. Creating a spectacle at the event, though, is even better. Whether it is a flash mob or announcing a contest during the festivities, it is sure to catch people’s attention.

Create Fake Publicity
Getting real publicity for a business requires some work, but creating fake publicity is much simpler and more affordable. This does not mean, of course, that you should lie to news organizations or anything along those lines.

Instead, create eye-catching displays or events that people are sure to notice. Some companies have had employees pretend to picket out front with signs that say “These Prices Are Too Low!” and other positive messages framed in a unique way. The point is that there is no reason to wait for real publicity to come around.

Get Into Real-Time Marketing
Real-time marketing involves strategies meant to play off real-time events. Oreo, for instance, ran a simple image on Twitter that said “You Can Still Dunk in the Dark” during the Superbowl Blackout of 2013. This perfectly timed ad got them an insane amount of attention. Real-time marketing is not something you can pull off daily, but when you see the chance, take it.

Guerrilla marketing is more than just a cool name; it’s an effective strategy that has stood the test of time. Do not handicap your marketing endeavors by ignoring potentially game-changing tactics that cost pennies on the dollar.

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