How To Achieve Outstanding Scaling Content with Few Staff?
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So you’re down with the fact that content marketing is essential for your business survival, but you still throw up your hands and exclaim, but how do I do it with my tiny staff, or all by myself? This is a common lament these days, and it is totally understandable. Big companies with oodles of bodies populating their marketing team can easily find ways to throw money and manpower at the problem, but how’s the small business supposed to get this done?

Fortunately, there are ways. Let’s take a look at 5 ways you can effectively scale content with a small or no staff.

5 Ways To Achieve Outstanding Scaling Content with Few Staff

Plan – Creating an editorial calendar should be among your first steps, and not merely for the sake of setting deadlines and goals to have them before you. These are important, but just as vital is strategizing your content to coincide with your company’s business. Do you have any upcoming, events, product launches, conferences or anything else that would benefit from an infusion of content? Plan out at least a good six months if you can.

Source – Get in the habit of sourcing your content long before it’s born. Decide who is the best person to create said content, and set it in stone. This has a couple of distinct advantages. First nothing is left to the last second, when they may become unavailable, and it also allows for adequate time for research and panning before actually creating. Whether it’s you, someone on your team, or an outsourcer, giving them the time necessary to do a great job will often result in one!

Promotion – Make sure you build promotion to your plans for scaling your content, as successful content can deliver many visitors and subsequent sales. We might also say this is a sneaky way to increase your content marketing budget, by making it far more valuable to the company. Un-promoted content tends to lie there, unseen or heard.

Re-purpose – These days one of the best ways to achieve scale in your content marketing is through the use of repurposing. Take a successful blog post, for example, and turn it into a video, slidedeck, audio, social media snippets and more. If it worked once, it will work again.

Curate – Often we can share great content we find with our own audience, and find that they totally appreciate this. Not only that, it is a quick way to share authoritative content that will in turn raise your own boat in the search results pond. Be sure to properly attribute and write your own thoughts and feeling before and after the content.

Start with these easy to implement ideas, and watch as your content is not only more organized, but starts to garner a far wider audience as well! For more information, contact Paul Conant anytime at 1-855-544-9666 or send an email at!

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