Is Speed Important for E-commerce Websites?
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Online sales soar higher and higher each year. In fact, experts forecast three times the market growth for online stores than for traditional ones. It’s no wonder many owners take their businesses online.

Although popular, online retail is still somewhat uncharted territory. New ways to improve your store come out by the day and the rules of the game change faster than you can learn them.

In particular, there are many misconceptions about the importance of website speed. Luckily, the experts in web hosting reviews over at the Hosting Tribunal prepared a helpful infographic with all the facts you should know about the crucial significance of speedy web pages.


Let’s Talk About Page Speed

For starters, speed affects search ranking. Google’s search algorithm penalizes slow websites. If your website is too slow, some pages might not even show up in search results.

This is lethal for businesses that sell online. Search engines are the best way to get customers to your store. So, if your site gets penalized, all those potential buyers might never find you.

And we haven’t even started on the actual customers. Longer load times mean reduced customer satisfaction, fewer recurring customers, and more abandoned shopping carts. All things considered, you get 7% fewer conversions for each second added to your load time.

Understanding Mobile E-Commerce Websites

One common misconception is that it’s not cost-effective to improve mobile e-commerce websites. Just think about the fact that since 2016 most traffic comes from mobile devices. They do get fewer conversions than desktop ones but not because people are reluctant to buy from mobile devices. If optimized properly, it can be much more convenient to buy from your phone or tablet.

The reason is that mobile websites often offer poor experience. The average mobile page takes 22 seconds to load. Would you wait this long to make a purchase?

Does Speed Matter?

Speed definitely matters. Online stores have massive potential, especially if you’re willing to optimize them for mobile users. There is demand and somebody will fulfill it sooner or later.

If you own an e-commerce website, this is the perfect opportunity to get ahead of the competition before the market catches up. If you’re interested, the infographic below has all you need to know about website speed.

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