Let’s See What Your Brand Can Do
Promoting A Brand

Your branding isn’t really about what you say though, it’s about what you do.

As we mentioned earlier, a brand is also a stamp of quality and in the ideal scenario, you want people to seek out your business because they feel that everything you do is better quality than the competition. When I’m out in a new town I look for a Starbucks café because I know they make good coffee and have WiFi and power sockets for my laptop. Back in the day, Nintendo had a ‘Seal of Quality’ on certain games which told consumers that the game they were buying had Nintendo’s approval.

This means that you need to take your reputation and your brand very seriously. Anything that has your name and your logo on it deserves the very best of your work and your attention and should be something you’re proud to produce. Once you’ve created a brand, it becomes incredibly important not to drop the ball.

In fact, you want to aim to do the opposite and create fantastic experiences for your customers that they’ll remember. One way you can do this is by ‘under promising and over delivering’. What this means, is that instead of claiming your product is the best thing in the world and boasting about all the freebies you’re going to include – you instead hold something back.

For instance, if you buy a phone case on Amazon, then very often the vendor will include a free stylus. This is ‘over delivering’ and the hope is that you’ll be so pleased that you got a freebie, that you’ll want to shop again. Another very simple example is to say that your delivery takes 3-4 days when in reality it takes 2-3 days. This way some customers will be incredibly pleased to get their item early.

The Importance of Packaging and Delivery

This is an example of ‘delivery’ but really the term delivery can be much broader.

Delivery can also be the way that you ‘deliver’ a service. That means paying attention to the small details, like your friendliness in emails and the way you present yourself in what you wear. The same goes for packaging – this can mean wrapping a gift well so that it arrives in one piece through the mail but it can also mean packaging an experience in terms of the environment and the way it is presented.

Make sure to pay attention to the little details and don’t just think about the ‘end result’. Think about the experience and how you got there and how this will make your customer feel. For more information, contact Paul Conant anytime at 1-855-544-9666 or send an email at paul@gizoom.com!

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