Social Media Marketing Essentials You Are Screwing Up
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Even the most novice social media marketer knows a few essentials. From the best times of the day to post to spacing out these posts for maximum effectiveness; some of these rules are almost common sense. Unfortunately, many of these marketers are also making the mistake of not knowing some very basic social media marketing rules. Here are the ones you may be missing.

Never Make Procrastination Appealing
We have all seen that one furniture store that has had the “One Week Only Sale!” sign outside for the past four years. While this might work well for a physical retail store, it is not doing you any favors with your social media marketing. Procrastination in this world usually means the loss of a sale. Constantly offer new promotions with incentives, and make sure that each has a deadline to opt-in, purchase, share, or whatever call to action you require.

Make Use of the Free Tracking Tools
It seems almost nonsensical that a marketer would not know about the tracking tools available on social media, and yet, some marketers are still not using them. Twitter and Facebook both allow you to see how many people are engaging with your posts and offers. This is a great way to evaluate the effectiveness of your campaign. Always use these programs in conjunction with your other data tracking tools.

Paying Too Much Attention to “Experts”
There are undoubtedly those out there who are great with social media marketing, but anyone who says that a certain rule works perfect every time might be overconfident. There are no universal truths in social media marketing. Instead, you should be focused on results. If something is garnering results but does not fall under “accepted knowledge,” who cares? If it works for you, then go with it.

Always Be Clear About What Fans Should Do
There are some out there claiming that Facebook is reducing post reach if there’s a direct call to action listed. This myth can be dissuaded by simply posting a “Not sure if fans can see this. Please ‘Like’ so we know it is working” post. While it is not pretty, you are sure to get tons of interaction. If your content is meaningful being direct with your followers about what they should do (“Visit our website,” etc.) is fine, and will get results.

Social media marketing is not the future… it’s the now. Make sure you are doing it right.

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