The Content Marketing Trends That Will Shape 2016
Newspaper of 2016 Trends

Content marketing has become one of the most powerful tools at a marketer’s disposal. Instead of attacking consumers with an onslaught of ads, they can now cause potential customers to actually seek out their business organically. As is the case with all marketing tools, though, content marketing evolves. These are the trends you will need to catch up with for a successful 2016.

Google Knowledge Graph Will Change Content
If you have ever typed a query into Google and had the answer presented to you on the results page, without having to click any link, you have experienced Google’s Knowledge Graph. It takes information from all over the web and easily presents it directly on the return page. Fortunately, this is usually only possible for simple information. If you start providing content on more in-depth topics, you’ll likely continue getting the all-important click.

Visual Content Will Be Even More in Demand
Cisco predicts video will dominate 69 percent of the world’s consumer internet traffic by 2017, and there are several valid reasons behind this. One of these reasons is the large move towards video in the content marketing world. The written content market, while still important, has become saturated. Consumers are demanding more visual mediums, and whether it is infographics or video, we have to acquiesce.

Aggregated Content Will Give Consumers Power
If you were to look at the hashtag page for an emerging news story on Twitter, you would see aggregated content. This is information being gathered from all over the web to create one clear picture. With tools like Project Lightning from Twitter, consumers will begin to get more of their content, especially the content we use for real-time marketing, in this manner. Because of that, marketers will need to look for new publication opportunities.

Quality Content Will Be Essential
It seems that many marketing gurus out there have beat the proverbial horse to death when it comes to saying “quality content is a must.” In reality, though, this will be truer than ever in 2016. Since the written content market is becoming saturated, people have tons to choose from. In fact, there are now computer algorithms that allow machines to write simple articles on their own. Because of this, only the best content will rise to the top.

Every so often, there is a mass leap in evolution in marketing. Fortunately, this is not what is happening with content marketing. In 2016, a little preparation can help you stay abreast of these changes.

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