Want To Promote Your Business With A Low Budget?

You know you need to be marketing your small business more effectively, but the cupboard seems to be bare when it comes to a marketing budget. The old adage that you need to spend some money to make some definitely rings true, but there are levels to this. No one says you have to start out by spending thousands right away.

You can begin inexpensively by using free or low-cost methods that will give your website some attention. We’ve discovered 7 ways you can market for no or low-cost, so you’ve got no excuse not to begin marketing your site today!

7 Tips To Campaign Business With Cheap Cost

Use your blog 

Making your blog a go-to destination for your market is always a good idea that doesn’t cost much of anything except time. There are endless possibilities to market from there as well!

Get listed with local business directories

Ensure that if you have a local business you are listed with Google My Business, as well as all the important local merchant directories, such as Merchant and a few others.

Optimize and employ social media channels

Utilizing social media is no longer an option. This is where your people are spending a great deal of time, and not only that, it’s where they seek social proof. Make sure you are active on at Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Get killer business cards

A low-cost method that still rocks, having a memorable business card is nearly every day you’re in business. Make sure you always have some on your person, and distribute them liberally, especially at events.

Begin email marketing

Just as important is that you are building an email list. There are free ways to do this as well, by using a service like to get you going until you warrant upgrading to a paid email service provider.

Run low-cost ad campaigns

These days it is definitely possible to create and run low-cost paid advertising campaigns on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and many of the mobile ad networks. Don’t overlook this avenue, as it can be very useful for building lists and audiences you can market to for some time.

Create visual Content

Employ visual content every chance you get, taking full advantage of the traffic generated by visual content monsters like YouTube, and Instagram. It’s not hard to do and very inexpensive. Marketing your small business can be done with very little cash extended, and the fruits can be surprisingly robust. Don’t let the size of your marketing budget determine how successful you’re going to be. Start with some of these methods today!

For more information, contact Paul Conant anytime at 1-855-544-9666 or send an email at paul@gizoom.com!

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